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Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing Metrics every marketer should track

Track effectiveness of your newsletters and email marketing campaigns.

It’s said that email marketing is still the most effective way to get a mesage through to your customers.

But does this hold true for your business? If you’re not measuring, you don’t really know.

The effectiveness of your email campaigns can be dependent on a number of factors. such as the type of product or service you’re selling, how your customers prefer to be contacted, how effectively you’re crafting the message, when you’re sending emails, and the way you design the email.

It’s important therefore to keep on top of your email marketing analytics, not just to understand if email is the most effective communication channel for your business, but whether or not you can actually improve things such as opens and click rates.

Email marketing metrics you should be measuring

Distribution and deliverability

  • Number emails sent
  • Day and time of delivery
  • Bounce rate (undeliverable emails)

Email design effectiveness

  • Open rate
  • Day / time emails are most frequently read
  • Unsubscribe rate

Content engagement

  • Which stories get most reads (click-throughs)
  • Engagement by segment (demo, geo, etc)


  • Size – current subscribers and growth rate
  • Historic growth analysis – what activities or topics contributed to growth
  • Subscriber source – eg optins or imports

Analysing your email marketing metrics by user segment (mail list)

Businesses typically have a few different mailing lists such as.

  • Customers – Keeping in touch with current customers about product and service updates
  • Subscribers – Updating blog subscribers whenever you publish a new story
  • Newsletters – Sending out monthly newsletters

To better understand performance of your mail outs, and optimise for each mail list, you’ll want to ensure you further segment metrics by user types.  What might work for one mail list may not apply for another. For example, communications to customers (who are using your product) may be effective during work hours, but general updates and keeping in touch with your prospects may work better on weekends or after hours. 

Stay on top of your Email Marketing data

How Nuhdge helps you stay on top of your email marketing data;

Popular Email Marketing Tools

We can connect your marketing dashboards to a number of Email Marketing systems, to automatically capture and report all the important metrics for your newsletter and email marketing campaigns.

  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign

Email Marketing Analytics and Data Connectors

Track your email marketing performance

If you would like to know more about tracking your
email marketing analytics and report automation.

If you would like to know more about tracking your email marketing analytics and report automation.

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