About Us

Nuhdge is a modern marketing practice, merging the fields of behavioural design and data science.

Our mission it to help our clients grow topline revenue. We do this by optimising the sales funnel, helping your customers move along the buyer journey and get them from a ‘nuh’ to a ‘yes’.

Our senior partners have 50 years of combined experience in marketing science and technology. We’ve worked in some of the world’s largest corporations and multinationals as well as consulted for the world’s smallest (SME’s). We’re equally comfortable in either. Our experience spans across many sectors such telco, insurance, professional services, healthcare, education, retail, and not for profits.

Regardless of size or industy, we understand the practical needs of our clients – to drive business forward utilising the latest in marketing technologies and practices to stay ahead of the pack.

Why Choose Nuhdge

A scientific approach to marketing

Take the guesswork (and debate) out of marketing. Form customer insights from behavioural data. Use controlled experiments to test marketing hypotheses. Collate and analyse results for effectiveness before going to market. Adopt evidence based marketing and leave speculation at the door.

We work with your digital marketing team – not in competition with them

As Data and Behavioural Science specialists, we are not pitching for web development or digital marketing work. We act as advisors to implement data systems, behavioural insights and nudge strategies that can be implemented in collaboration with your existing marketing teams.

Providing you oversight and accountability

If you’re investing big dollars to outside parties to get results, should you rely on them to provide you with the data against which you measure their performance? As an independent and impartial adviser, we’re ideally positioned to track and report on your marketing programs and keep you fully informed through a variety of reporting tools.

Independent and impartial

We are not aligned to any vendors such as Marketo, Hubspot or Adobe who incentivise agencies to promote their systems. Nor are we a digital agency trying to upsell other retainer work. When you engage Nuhdge, you know you are getting advice from technology and vendor neutral consultants. We offer you advise that works best for your business, not other people’s pockets.

We speak your language

In fact, we are multi-lingual. Whether you sit in IT, Sales and Marketing, or Business Management, someone in our team has your shared experience and expertise to be able to speak at your level.

What we stand for


Big results

We aim to create maximum
impact in the work we do



We strive to be the best
at what we do


Value creation

We favour long term value
creation over short term tricks


Continual improvement

We strive to continually break
new ground and get better



We build relationships on
trust, honesty, and mutual respect