Buyer Journey Mapping

Understanding your customer at every buying stage…

Meet Nuhdge.

He’s a buyer. But he’s not quite predictable. Sometimes he’s impatient to buy. Other times he’s frustratingly indecisive or simply wasting your time. But that’s ok. He’s just human with different needs at different times. It’s our job to know where he’s at on the journey and adjust our tactics accordingly, ensuring we don’t unnecessarily disqualify, or try to sell when the sale isn’t there yet.

The below outlines approaches you might adopt at each stage.

Buying stage 1:

Not actively looking

This suspect is not interested in what you have to say. They either don’t recognise they have a problem, or have previously tried to solve it and couldn’t find a solution. You need to conduct communication strategies through other parties to trigger interest.

Channels to reach customers who are not actively looking

Buying stage 2:

Interest has been stimulated

This prospect is listening. Some message or person has gotten through and helped change his/her mind. They are now open to the idea that maybe something can be done differently. They’re not yet active buyers and are not ready to be sold to, but starting to look around and research options to how to solve that and are starting to build a picture of what good looks like.

Channels to optimise for customers who are researching a product or service

Buying stage 3:

Problem needs solving… urgently

This lead is motivated.They’ve researched, and come to the conclusion that they need what you’re selling.  This is often the first time you get a call. Time is critical and you need to follow up whilst you have their attention. They’re ready to buy. Making sure you communicate your unique value, and take them off the market so no one else can sell to them.

Buying stage 4:

Needs satisfied!
Anxiety eased.

The customer is relieved.  Barriers have been overcome, negotiations have been successful, and a commitment has been made. The belief is that all problems will now be solved. Capturing the transaction and reinforcing the puchase decision is key at this stage.

Channels to optimise for customers buying and being onboarded

Buying stage 5:

Suprised &

Happy customers are paying customers. Delighted customers, are your sales force. They will become passionate advocates and go out of their way to tell others about your business. The more you do to suprise and delight through unexpected experiences, the more word-of-mouth you will gain.

How to improve customer experience and boost advocacy

Buying stage 6:

No longer

Just because a year ago you lost a lead or a customer, doesn’t mean that they won’t come back. An alternate product or service looked better at the time, but often they are dissappointed after the move. Touch base with them, and work with them to get them to come back.

Ways to reconnect with lost leads and past customers

And let us show you how we can help nudge
your customers along the buyer journey

And let us show you how we can help nudge your customers along the buyer journey