Influencing Customers

Give your marketing a boost using well designed influence strategies that help nudge your prospects along the buyer journey towards and generate more sales and leads.

The Buyer Journey

Principles of influence

buyer motivation

Take time to get to know your customer. Who are they, what motivates them, and what are the underlying behavioural drivers.

The Hierarchy of Needs

Create and
articulate value

You can’t make a customer buy something he doesn’t want. A product that meets a need and differentiates from competition is basically what drives sales growth.

Understanding the job to be done (value creation)

Different buying stages require different strategies

The mind-set of a customer is different at each buying stage. Use the right behavioural tool at the right time to nudge them along the journey.

Each stage of the buyer journey requires different influence strategies

Identify and optimise
nudge points

Every customer touch point is an opportunity to affect perceptions, influence behaviour, and improve conversion

Customer Touch Points - opportunities to nudge behaviour

Adhere to fundamental
communication theory

Good communication design is a science. There are fundamental communication principles that can be employed to drive intended behaviour.

The communication model

Continually evolve and innovate

How we communicate and consume information has significantly changed over time. What works today may not tomorrow. We have to continually evolve our tactics and strategies to stay relevant and effective.

To effectively influence, we must continually evolve as user behaviour evolves

And let us show you how we can help nudge
your customers along the buyer journey

And let us show you how we can help nudge your customers along the buyer journey