Guaranteed Results

We pride ourselves on delivering value and back this with a simple commitment to our full-service customers;


We will setup marketing data tracking and analytics systems that will identify gaps in your sales pipeline.


We will provide advice and recommendation that will help plug those gaps. If you implement our recommendations, you will benefit from more traffic, leads and sales.


We will provide access to data reports and dashboards so you can quantify results in a timely manner.

If we don’t follow through on our commitments, our time is free*.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

* The not so small print

If we are not able to meet our commitments, we will work for free until we do. This excludes out-of-pocket expenses such as 3rd party systems, software and databases. Additionally, this does require a reciprocal commitment from our clients. We cannot be held accountable for lack of improvement in the sales pipeline if recommendations are not implemented. We are not rigid or dogmatic about our ideas, and we will work with you collaboratively to identify the right tactics for your business. But if no initiatives are implemented, results are obviously out of our hands. To ensure both parties understand budget, timelines and mutual obligations, we will work with you to scope the engagement before we begin. Other than that, there are no catches. We back ourselves – if we can’t, we don’t really have a viable business.

Who are we?

With over 50 years of combined experience in marketing and digital technology, we understand the practical needs of our clients… To drive business forward and stay ahead of the pack by utilising the latest marketing practices.

Tim Vandergriend

Tim Vandergriend
Marketing specialist with a passion for creating great customer experiences and optimising the customer journey.

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Justin Gough
Justin Gough
Data specialist with a keen interest in user engagement tracking and conversion rate optimisation.

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And let us show you how tracking and optimising
the buyer journey can help grow your business.

And let us show you how tracking and optimising the buyer journey can help grow your business.