Instagram Data Analytics API Connector

Measure and optimise your instagram campaigns.

We automatically fetch data from your Instagram account and make it available for analysis and reporting via our bespoke data analytics system.  Instagram data is then made available via the Social Media Dashboard – providing your marketing team with a unified analytics view of all your social media accounts. We can also provide the data in a queryable format via a structured database.

Instagram data we capture;

  • How many posts you created
  • How many followers you have and users you follow over time
  • A list of all posts including date, caption, and tags
  • How many views, likes, and comments each post has received

What insights you can extract from this data;

  • How big is your audience (reach)
  • How fast is your audience growing (new followers)
  • What does your audience look like (demographic overview)
  • How actively are you communicating with them (frequency)
  • What type of content is most popular (views)
  • Which content has most impact and engagement (likes, comments)
  • Which hashtags (#) generate the most engagement
  • The best time of day and/or day of week to post your content and updates

By staying on top of your Instagram data, it allows you to experiment and iterate – to continually review and improve on what and how you post – to not only increase visibility, but increase conversions to website traffic or in-store visits.


Stay on top of your marketing metrics

How we help you stay on top of your Instagram marketing data;

If you would like to know more about setting up
marketing dashboards and report automation.

If you would like to know more about setting up marketing dashboards and report automation.

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