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Social Media Engagement Dashboard

The Social Media Engagement Dashboard provides an integrated marketing view across all your social media accounts. Providing critical data that every marketer needs to succeed with their Social Media Marketing.

By studying which content gets highest engagement, you develop a better understanding of your customer’s interests and motivations.  Having this feedback mechanism helps you design better communication campaigns – because you’re creating content that your followers want and respond to! 

Social engagement metrics you can track

  • How big is your social audience (followers)
  • How many of your followers are viewing your posts (reach)
  • How many comments and likes are your posts getting (engagement)
  • Which posts get higher engagement and click through (conversion)
  • And importantly…how many leads are you receiving from social media (attribution)

Social Media Data Connectors

We can connect the dashboard to all the popular social media services. More are being added all the time.

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Stay on top of your marketing metrics

How we help you stay on top of your marketing metrics;

To get a live demonstration of the Social Engagement Dashboard.

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