This is our first blog post, and we thought we’d start with the question, “Are you OK?”.  And by this, what we’re actually asking is, “how’s your business doing?”.

We want to ask this because our mission is to help businesses become more successful.  Specifically by helping you boost top-line revenue.

You’re probably saying, Yeah, whatever!…

We know.  This isn’t anything anyone hasn’t promised before.

We also know there’s nothing new in stating the problems you are likely to be facing at the moment… because everyone is already saying it;

  • Marketing is more challenging than ever.
  • The market place is noisier than ever. Everyone is competing for your attention
  • There is more competition than ever.
  • Customers are more fickle than ever. There’s no loyalty anymore
  • Price competition is more aggressive than ever. .
  • It’s harder to stand out and get noticed by customers today than it was 5, 10 20 years ago.

We know there are hundreds of marketing agencies out there already promising to solve these challenges.

So we’re not going to promise that. We know we can’t fix these problems.

Nor are we going to patronise you with cliché questions like;

  • What’s keeping you up at night?
  • What’s your biggest marketing challenge?
  • What’s keeping you from overcoming your biggest marketing challenge?
  • What’s your most important priority?
  • If there’s one thing you could do to turn your business around, what would that be?

No, we’re not going to do that either. Because we’ve been around the block enough times to know if you knew the answers to these questions, you wouldn’t be looking for assistance.

All we’ll simply do is ask the question – Are you ok?  And the response should really be simple.  You’ll either say….

  1. Business is good, or
  2. Business could be better

If you feel things could be better, perhaps we can help you. No BS, hype or over-inflated promises.

Basically, our offer is a scientific framework to help uncover where you are ‘most likely’ to improve your marketing and sales.   It’s a practical, no-nonsense approach that works like this;

  • We’ll help you build a comprehensive picture of your sales pipeline – the buyer journey – which identifies your customer’s path to purchase and decision points.
  • We’ll track, and capture behavioural data at each touch point, and give you access to pertinent behavioural analytics via a single dashboard
  • We’ll provide analysis and insights that helps identify the greatest resistance, or gaps in your sales pipeline, so you can clearly see where the greatest improvement can be gained
  • If needed, we’ll work with you to design customer ‘nudges’ using behavioural design techniques, and/or help you run low cost experiments (marketing tests) to see what works before broadly rolling-out campaigns

In other words, you’ll get real data about how your customers are researching and buying your products. Which will allow you to make smarter decisions, using facts rather than speculation, and be more intelligent about where to spend your marketing budget to maximise your return on investment.

To provide an overly simplistic example (reality, of course, is much more nuanced than this). People’s instinctive reaction to slowing sales is to throw money at advertising. But after tracking and measuring your sales process, we may identify the more significant problem is in customer renewals, not brand visibility. With this information at hand, we can help you design and measure customer retention strategies, as the thing most likely to help boost your top-line revenue.

Our job is not to intervene or replace existing marketing systems, personnel or agencies. We support your existing teams and help adopt a more scientific approach, to remove the guesswork and assumptions out of marketing.

So, going back to the original question… Are you OK?

About how using a scientific approach to marketing can help boost sales.